On Changing Dreams

For all of you who are searching for their purpose in life, mostly on a professional level, I ask you to please read this post. I am trying to find that one thing that will motivate me to push myself further every day. This girl, Emma, was once where I am now. I can only hope to be one day where she is. Please click on her photograph and read her story.


Please leave any comments! To let me know what you think about her, to share your experience, to encourage or for any reason. Thank you for helping me.




4 thoughts on “On Changing Dreams

  1. I love that picture! Did you take it? When seeing that picture, I see someone who’s determined to achieving something she loves. I see someone who puts a lot of work and efforts in what she really wants in life! I love your blog! Keep up with the good work! xo


    • Thank you for following! No unfortunately I don’t know emma in real life. I have been following her blog (with her sister) for about two years now and her story inspires me! I hope I’ll be there one day.


  2. Go girl! I got lost sometimes in finding my purpose in life, deep down in thousands of questions..and I found that: let do it step by step, get conseil from people who know you well, enjoy things that courage you and give you inspiration
    Good luck!


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