A Letter to Tarantino

A letter to Tarantino by Sanne van Renesse, a very talented photographer and moviemaker. I am happy to be able to call her my niece. This post is worth reading, every fellow artist can relate to this.

Sanne van Renesse


Dear stranger,

Writing the opening of a letter is always the hardest part. Especially since this letter could be so important to me, but so easily overlooked by you.

Firstly, let me tell you why I’m writing you per se. You’re someone who inspires me exceptionally and has done just that for as long as I can remember, with your movies as well as with your personality; your humor, humanity at unexpected moments, your worlds. Your work increases my admiration for actors and the work of the actors in your movies always increases my admiration for you. You always make me realize the world is so much bigger than the one I live in.


Never be afraid, occasionally be depressed, laugh your tongue out, cry your eyes out, but keep going and keep taking risks and once you’ll get that distant view of a place you want to go, you’ll…

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