In the beginning of this week I started my first photo challenge: Cloudporn. Living in Montpellier where it has been cloudless all week long I looked through my old photo’s to discover some great cloudporn. [Scroll down for some Cloudporn for dummies.]

clouds 2

Tip: Apply the rule of thirds. 
Set your camera viewfinder to Grid. This means that you will see a grid of 3×3 in the viewfinder, this will help you with your compositions and make use of negative space (the empty) in your pictures.
My camera doesn’t have a thirds grid but AF-points, if you look well you can see a thirds grid in there too! I can’t not see it.

Composition-Photography-Rule-of-Thirds-Grid-600x429af points viewfinder






How to: Rule of thirds.
These grids will help you to use the lines in your composition (such as the horizon) in the best way possible. If you want the clouds to be the main subject in your photograph it should take up at least two thirds of your picture.

Of course you can choose to photograph only your clouds, make sure the sky looks interesting and provokes a feeling.


How to use the light:
Be careful not to overexpose your cloud photo’s. It’s preferable to underexpose a little so you can compensate better in editing programs later on. When there is too much light, there is nothing to do to make it look better.

The sun should always be in your back for high-detail or behind one of the clouds.

clouds 3
Manual settings:
Use a small aperture (large number: f/22) for great details.
Fast shutter speed (not below 1/30, you’ll need a tripod to keep the camera steady)
ISO settings to daytime. It depends whether you are shooting in broad daylight or at sunset. At daytime set your ISO to about 200, nighttime to 800.


clouds 10

Manual settings:
Shutter speed 1/80
Aperture f/20
ISO 200

P.S. I just took this photo on my balcony while writing this blogpost, first clouds of the week!

Good luck shooting some clouds, keep your eyes on the sky!



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