Have you seen the “mailbox” tab yet?

I received some wonderful cards and letters this week. Makes me feel so special! How do you guys feel about hand-written letters and cards? Romantic and fun or too much of a hassle?

Please share your experiences here. If you like I can send you a card to remind you of that
‘s wonderful- ‘s marvelous feeling you get when you find a real card in your mailbox.
Yes I will, I am just that crazy! 



11 thoughts on “Mailbox

  1. This is such a nice idea! I should do that more often :-) I’m originally from france but now living in england and snail mail is one of my favourite things! Such a shame I don’t do it nearly often enough.


    • Snail mail is so much fun and romantic. You can release all your ideas and creativity and actually make someone else happy with it! I have to respond to five letters… Have been a bit busy the past two weeks so I really have to take the time and write!
      Why don’t you join me and surprise one of your friends in France with a real letter!


  2. LOVE HANDWRITTEN CARDS AND LETTERS!!! (I’m the only person I know that still buys personalized, scented stationary and USES IT!!!) :)


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