Out and about, Sète

Once upon a sunday afternoon, in a land far far away from trouble and stress, a family enjoyed the soft spring season sun.

Sunday was the last day in the south of France for my parents and we decided to make it unforgettable! + it was my mom’s birthday!

sunny 02
I had prepared some lovely picnic foods on saturday night and sunday morning. All I had left to do was put on a flowery spring-outfit and hop in the car. (Without forgetting to bring the family!)

sunny 03

We’ve found this beautiful spot on the water near the historic town of Sète.

sunny 10

sunny 04

sunny 12
There is such joy in spending quality time with quality people.

sunny 06

sunny 05
Hey! I managed to get photographed a couple of times!

sunny 07

sunny 08

sunny 13


sunny 14


sunny 15

sunny 16

It certainly isn’t a punishment living on France’s south coast. Don’t worry, I will take you all with me on my discoveries and aventures.. To be continued! ;)

sunny 17



17 thoughts on “Out and about, Sète

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    • There’s not enough time! I see my family about twice a year.. Now that we live on the same continent maybe three times.. So we are making the best out of our time together. Thank you for your very kind words! xo


  3. These pictures are stunning Mariska. I’m so glad you got to spend the weekend with your family – I wish I could do the same! I was a big fan of your previous blog design, but I like this one so much too. You’re so creative and gorgeous :)


    • Thank you Yael, is was quite some work this loooong blogpost! But I’m quite content with the result.
      I changed the design simply because I was inspired by an other color scheme and it felt good to do! ;)
      Thank you so much for all your compliments, it really means a lot! Have a good afternoon in the windy city, mine is already over. (:


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