“Family portrait”

Family are those who chose to have you.
Friends are family you chose to have.

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I am grateful for the days spent with my ‘family’ from Saint Martin and all others that made this weekend unforgettable. Stephanie, Cedric, Cedric, Sebastien, Fanny, Swann and my Fabrice.
-petit clin d’oeil a Imane et Seb. 






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15 thoughts on ““Family portrait”

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  2. What a lovely post!! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous and really capture the essence of the moment. I think it might be time I did a family portrait of my own. Thanks for the inspiration!


    • Thank you so much and thank you for stopping by. The rhino we found in a free entrance- zoological parc. I set the camera on timer and I had ten seconds to climb and pose.. It was so funny because the rhino is quite high and I have absolutely no strong arms! In the knick of time ..


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