Back from the Ardèche


I am taking you to the Ardèche today, a region in France very popular for family vacations. I used to work here and the past few days a went back to meet up with some friends. I admit I fell of the face of the earth for about a week.. No internet, no cell-phone.. It was quite lovely to be honest. Life in the Ardèche is like going back into time when we didn’t complicate our days with modern technology.


Spring time to me means staying outside for balcony wine-drinking, hiking, lunch and barbecuing! I must admit that these are photo’s of last year but I just loved this day so much that I have to share this with you!


Happy weekend to you all!





Photo’s are entries for this week’s Spring! photo challenge.

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14 thoughts on “Back from the Ardèche

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  4. Love the pictures :D
    Seems like you guys loads of fun especially with the picnik and everything.
    We went to Pont du Gard the other day – but there was a ton of people. Wouldn’t have been able to get pictures like these, lol.


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