Coralynx’ Photo Challenge: Signs

This monday it is time to announce a new Challenge! I challenge you and myself to provoke creativity and to look at the world around you in another way then usually. Look at the signs. That’s the theme most of you voted for in the poll.

Signs are everywhere.

We use sign language when we speak, shops use signs to draw our attention, restaurants do too. Signs are on the side of the road, in our horoscope.. Or there to inform us about the spices we can purchase on the produce market in Nice, France:

signs spices

To enter this contest:

For wordpress users: Include your signs photograph in a post and use a “ping back”  to this post.

For those who don’t have a wordpress blog: Upload your photo anywhere else on the internet (example: and post the URL in a comment on this post.

You have one week..

I will share my signs photographs upcoming weekend with the photographs of the contestants. Remember, it’s all about having fun and expanding horizons!
Good luck,





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6 thoughts on “Coralynx’ Photo Challenge: Signs

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  3. Quick question: does it have to be a photo taken in this week, or can it be an older one, probably even published before?


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