Free Carnation in your WordPress reader?

Thanks to an update from JetPack you can now follow my new domain and get updates in your WordPress reader! Yay! ☆
Please let me know if it works or not. Go to my new domain and subscribe, I have missed you!


4 thoughts on “Free Carnation in your WordPress reader?

    • Does it work for you? Someone has some problems with it. Did you see the grey “follow bar” above the page with the follow button? Or is it still the Coralynx’Blog you see in your feed? thank you for helping out :)


  1. I hope it’s just me, and not a general problem, but I don’t even see a “subscribe” button or link on “Free Carnation”, and I’m sure it’s not my eyes. And on the old blog I only get “Internal Server Error”, so I’m hoping that the e-mail reply gets through.


    • It seems like West 517 got it done, I will let you know how. there is only one way to read posts from my old blog. It is clicking in the reader on the TITLE of the post. I think it has to do with the fact that I forwarded the old address to the new one. That’s ok by me I just use the old one now to try to get old followers to click on a link to my new domain. If finally the .org sites can be read in the WP reader that would help me a lot. I have to build up a whole new range of followers.


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