This is a list of blogs that I enjoy reading and blogs that might inspire me, divided into categories.

Born somewhere else, like me.

She is a “photo taker”. Filled with beautiful photographs, lovely poems and dreamy colors.. I love wandering around this blog.

Depth of Feelings
“A Vietnamese living in France.” This family woman shows us that family life is oh-so photogenic!

Feet from shore
Beautiful blonde Spaniard goes to Los Angeles and now Chicago. Following her blog is like reading a weekly column, I want to know more and know Yael better.

Book of Shayne
Witty writing! I just love reading her short stories!

Traveling the world.

Our Wild Abandon
Bobby Jean is a white-and-red caravan with two inhabitants: Kyla, the driver, and Jill, the photographer. These two Canadian girls travel the USA making new friends and taking stunning pictures.

Expatria, Baby
Her profile says everything: Erica, Canadian. Married to a Swiss. They have a Swiss-Canadian daughter born in Japan. Now they live in Indonesia and have a son too. Can I say “Hello future life?”.


What Olivia did…
The beauty of Olivia and her photo’s, outfits, hometown.. There’s so much to love!

Bon Baisers d’Ailleurs
Fashion blog by Lyon based Céline.

Tribulations d’Anaïs
This girl from Montpellier writes fashion and may I add: that’s where I live too!

First inspiration:

A beautiful mess
One of the first blogs I started to follow. I saw these sisters grow and their story is so inspiring! Let’s all be successful bloggers!

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