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Granny’s Great Adventure, part I

oma 03
May 9th 2014, the day my grandmother (or ‘oma’ in dutch) stept foot in an airplane for the very first time in her life. She turned eighty earlier this year and my mom decided to treat her on a once-in-a-lifetime-experience. For oma anyway.

oma 04

Oma dedicated her life raising her eight children and taking care of her husband. Life has been hard I can imagine for this incredible lady. My mother felt it was time for her to take a well-deserved vacation in the south of France. At my place!

oma 05

So I was happy to pick them up at the airport (where I took these photo’s) and show oma where I live for the first time. She had never been in any of the places I have lived, because I always live abroad. Oma had a great time discovering all the new things in her trip, like the architecture, the scenery and the culture.

oma 07


We took a “train” ride through the old city center of Montpellier. There was a dutch voice on the tape for oma so she learned about the history of the city.


The sun disappeared behind a thick cluster of clouds that afternoon. Which was a pity because we were showing oma where my boy works, on the beach.


oma 08

oma 10

Relaxing on our balcony on the end of the day :)


On day two we took oma to a place called Saint Jean du Gard, where there is this old train station and these old trains that took us through the beautiful mountains..

oma 15 oma 14 oma 21 oma 24Oh, and there was this stand with funny straw-hats! ;) All excited I took oma to the hat stand to try on a few, it was great fun!oma 16

Stay tuned for part 2!


“Family portrait”

Family are those who chose to have you.
Friends are family you chose to have.

fp 09fp 06fp 10wwwfp 11fp 14fp 04fp 15fp 16

I am grateful for the days spent with my ‘family’ from Saint Martin and all others that made this weekend unforgettable. Stephanie, Cedric, Cedric, Sebastien, Fanny, Swann and my Fabrice.
-petit clin d’oeil a Imane et Seb. 






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Out and about, Sète

Once upon a sunday afternoon, in a land far far away from trouble and stress, a family enjoyed the soft spring season sun.

Sunday was the last day in the south of France for my parents and we decided to make it unforgettable! + it was my mom’s birthday!

sunny 02
I had prepared some lovely picnic foods on saturday night and sunday morning. All I had left to do was put on a flowery spring-outfit and hop in the car. (Without forgetting to bring the family!)

sunny 03

We’ve found this beautiful spot on the water near the historic town of Sète.

sunny 10

sunny 04

sunny 12
There is such joy in spending quality time with quality people.

sunny 06

sunny 05
Hey! I managed to get photographed a couple of times!

sunny 07

sunny 08

sunny 13


sunny 14


sunny 15

sunny 16

It certainly isn’t a punishment living on France’s south coast. Don’t worry, I will take you all with me on my discoveries and aventures.. To be continued! ;)

sunny 17


Not just a smile

The best subjects for your portrait photography are your friends. I believe my friends are the most beautiful people in the world, flaws and all. They will not just give you a smile for your snapshot, you are the one able to capture a whole lot more. This is Imane, not just her smile.

Imane bw


Les meilleurs sujets pour ta photographie de portraits sont tes amis. Je crois pleinement que mes amis sont les plus belles personnes sur terre, imperfections incluses. Ils te montreront pas seulement un sourire pour ta photo, tu est la personne qui pourra capturer une image avec beaucoup plus que ça. Voici Imane, pas seulement son sourire.