Follow up: Anguilla! Take me to paradise.

It was february 2013… Ferry ride on the caribbean sea.. Waves crashing into the rocks…
It’s Part 2! Read it by clicking on this link.

bee 04


Anguilla, caribbean paradise

Hey you guys! For this week’s the travel diaries I am sharing a bunch of very sun kissed photographs I took in the Caribbean, where I lived for about two years. Let’s daydream about the summer holidays!

anguilla 09

In october 2011 me and F moved to the French-Dutch island Saint Martin, a little piece of paradise. When my parents came to spend their holidays we took a day-trip to another tropical island only a twenty-five minutes ferry ride away: Anguilla.

anguilla 07

In the morning we left Saint Martin’s Anse Marcel bay to go to the ferry docks in Marigot, the island’s capital. Saint Martin is a very diverse island where you can find as many deserted beaches as traffic jams. Time to leave paradox-island for a day to come to peace in Anguilla. 

anguilla 04

Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory, that means that when we rented a car upon arrival we had to drive on the left side of the road, something to get used to! 

anguilla 06

We discovered this little secluded beach by accident, isn’t it just like in the movies? White sand, turquoise water, palm trees growing vertically over the beach, a soft ocean breeze and then there’s the smell of fried chicken and baby back ribs on the barbecue! 

anguilla 10

These hammocks were the cherry on top! Snoozing after lunch -and- waking up in this scenery..

anguilla 11

Anguilla 02

Rendez-vous bay was actually the first beach we had come across on Anguilla. It seems like an endless coastline decorated with sand and blue.

anguilla 03

anguilla 13

Wouldn’t you want to live here?

anguilla 21

anguilla 16

And then there was Limestone bay. Perfect for some sunbathing and having fun in the waves. 

anguilla 18

anguilla 23

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Weekly photo challenge: Upside down

Please join me in my adventure to provoke creativity in all of us. This week’s challenge you can interperate in so many ways. Here is mine from about a year ago. Upside down it still makes sense and adds a little more intrigue.

upside down s

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Opportunity knocks?

Let’s crack my way into this freaky business!

Somehow I feel the stars start to align just how I want them to, it will still take some time for them (and me) to get there, but we will.
Here are some photographs from a while ago, when I stil lived in the Caribbean. How magical.

free friday 22 free friday 12 free friday 08 free friday 10 free friday 04

I had to downsize the quality of these photo’s unfortunately. Please forgive.