One year after NYC

Before leaving our ‘home’ in the caribbean in may 2013, boyfriend and I decided to go to New York City and take it easy before going on a new adventure. These are just a few of many photographs. If there is one thing I have learned in the city: Oh my, it is photogenic!


In any other place on earth, what would I have done on a cloudy afternoon? A good book and some good food. So in the city of extremes.. I took my boyfriend to one of the largest public libraries in the world and try some real New York bagels! I like to see as many famous places as possible when I am visiting somewhere new, without looking too much like a tourist. The Nikon camera doesn’t work in my favor!


DSC_0471DSC_0455DSC_0451 DSC_0446

One of the most precious memories of the city I have of the Brooklyn bridge. I have always wanted to go see it, as I have seen it on the tellie so many times.. But I couldn’t have imagined the beauty of the lines and colors that make this bridge so unique.
DSC_0435DSC_0442 DSC_0418 DSC_0385 DSC_0465a

As you can see on the picture above, the One World Trade Center or  “Freedom Tower” as I’ve got to know it, was still in full construction. This tower and an other building, forming together the 1WTC, are build next to the September 11 Memorial.
DSC_0434It is so fun to take the subway to the city center and enjoy some good people-watching!
This view on the skyline and it’s Empire State Building is taken from the top of Rockefeller Center, seeing the sun set on the city is a have-to.




One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.
-Tom Wolfe

From your blog-ster:
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Results: on the table challenge.

This is my kitchen table’s personal diary. See what has happend in it’s life this week:

onthetable 05
onthetable 04
onthetable 02
onthetable 06
This last photo reflects my sunday. A little messy, but a great time around the kitchen table with my parents who are in France to see me for two whole weeks!


Food photography by Ira Leoni

This week we are taking photographs of everything on our tables and this got me all excited and started looking up some famous food photographers. The work of Ira Leoni really caught my eyes.






So happy to be working on my food photography this week!
[Join me in the #OnTheTable Photo Challenge]



Weekly Photo Challenge: on the table

It is monday and that means it is time for a new Weekly Photo Challenge! This week’s challenge will make you stand up on your chair in your kitchen, the restaurants you go to and at family dinners. You will certainly turn some heads!

For some examples I looked on the instagram profile of one of my favorite Phoneographers: Ditut

Schermafbeelding 2014-03-16 om 19.48.26 Schermafbeelding 2014-03-16 om 19.50.18

You have one week (up to and including saturday) to send in your pictures. Simply paste a copy of the URL in a comment to this post.
You can either use your DSLR camera or your telephone.
Use your imagination.
I will mention all entries in sunday’s post and the nicest ones will be displayed in full size with my own photographs.

Get up high for a birds-view of your table.
To create a feel for the viewer to be where the picture is taken you can include the people around the table or maybe just their hands.
Details: Napkins, cutlery, glasses, tablecloth..
Color: The success to a beautiful #onthetable photograph is the contrast and colors used in the frame. A green salad looks better on a white table then a green table cloth.
Activities. I don’t only eat at my table, I write, play, cook, drink, talk.. There is more than just food.
Light is everything. Photograph at daytime rather then at night. Especially food really doesn’t photograph well in poor lighting. Avoid direct sunlight.
Look on the internet for some inspiration.

Have fun everyone, I am looking forward to see your entries. Everyone is welcome to join.




Come back tomorrow for “into the wild” a photo series taken in Montpellier’s zoo.

Opportunity knocks?

Let’s crack my way into this freaky business!

Somehow I feel the stars start to align just how I want them to, it will still take some time for them (and me) to get there, but we will.
Here are some photographs from a while ago, when I stil lived in the Caribbean. How magical.

free friday 22 free friday 12 free friday 08 free friday 10 free friday 04

I had to downsize the quality of these photo’s unfortunately. Please forgive.