Coralynx’ Photo Challenge: Signs

This monday it is time to announce a new Challenge! I challenge you and myself to provoke creativity and to look at the world around you in another way then usually. Look at the signs. That’s the theme most of you voted for in the poll.

Signs are everywhere.

We use sign language when we speak, shops use signs to draw our attention, restaurants do too. Signs are on the side of the road, in our horoscope.. Or there to inform us about the spices we can purchase on the produce market in Nice, France:

signs spices

To enter this contest:

For wordpress users: Include your signs photograph in a post and use a “ping back”  to this post.

For those who don’t have a wordpress blog: Upload your photo anywhere else on the internet (example: and post the URL in a comment on this post.

You have one week..

I will share my signs photographs upcoming weekend with the photographs of the contestants. Remember, it’s all about having fun and expanding horizons!
Good luck,





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Rooftops of Arles

“Who else has walked here, on the top of the Roman Arena?” I ask myself.

When I wander in old cities like Arles I can’t help imagining how life was back then, when this city was new. All the love stories and tragedy that must have taken place underneath these rooftops..

rooftops 04
This city in the French provence is so alluring with it’s pale sky and colorful housing. No wonder why van Gogh went here to get inspired. In 1888 he wrote to his brother:

Because I have never had such a chance, nature here being so extraordinarily beautiful. Everywhere and all over the vault of heaven is a marvellous blue, and the sun sheds a radiance of pale sulphur, and it is soft and as lovely as the combination of heavenly blues and yellows in a Van der Meer of Delft. I cannot paint it as beautifully as that, but it absorbs me so much that I let myself go, never thinking of a single rule.

rooftops 06 rooftops 05 rooftops 02 rooftops 01 rooftops 03



Weekly Photo Challenge: on the table

It is monday and that means it is time for a new Weekly Photo Challenge! This week’s challenge will make you stand up on your chair in your kitchen, the restaurants you go to and at family dinners. You will certainly turn some heads!

For some examples I looked on the instagram profile of one of my favorite Phoneographers: Ditut

Schermafbeelding 2014-03-16 om 19.48.26 Schermafbeelding 2014-03-16 om 19.50.18

You have one week (up to and including saturday) to send in your pictures. Simply paste a copy of the URL in a comment to this post.
You can either use your DSLR camera or your telephone.
Use your imagination.
I will mention all entries in sunday’s post and the nicest ones will be displayed in full size with my own photographs.

Get up high for a birds-view of your table.
To create a feel for the viewer to be where the picture is taken you can include the people around the table or maybe just their hands.
Details: Napkins, cutlery, glasses, tablecloth..
Color: The success to a beautiful #onthetable photograph is the contrast and colors used in the frame. A green salad looks better on a white table then a green table cloth.
Activities. I don’t only eat at my table, I write, play, cook, drink, talk.. There is more than just food.
Light is everything. Photograph at daytime rather then at night. Especially food really doesn’t photograph well in poor lighting. Avoid direct sunlight.
Look on the internet for some inspiration.

Have fun everyone, I am looking forward to see your entries. Everyone is welcome to join.




Come back tomorrow for “into the wild” a photo series taken in Montpellier’s zoo.

Not just a smile

The best subjects for your portrait photography are your friends. I believe my friends are the most beautiful people in the world, flaws and all. They will not just give you a smile for your snapshot, you are the one able to capture a whole lot more. This is Imane, not just her smile.

Imane bw


Les meilleurs sujets pour ta photographie de portraits sont tes amis. Je crois pleinement que mes amis sont les plus belles personnes sur terre, imperfections incluses. Ils te montreront pas seulement un sourire pour ta photo, tu est la personne qui pourra capturer une image avec beaucoup plus que ça. Voici Imane, pas seulement son sourire. 

Photo challenge: Cloudporn

I dare you to join me in this new project to challenge your own creativity. The goal is to get better in what we do and look through our camera lens in a new perspective every week, to search for something we normally wouldn’t pay attention to.

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.

So please all of you who are aspiring to be a better photographer, beginner or a professional.. Join me this week to look at the sky as you have never done before.

Write the URL of your photograph in a comment below to join, you have all week!

Some inspiration:

dreigende wolken
Schermafbeelding 2014-03-10 om 11.33.15

Don’t get overwhelmed, these are professional photographs. (Click on them to see the original posts.) Mine won’t be as good as these ones but it’s important to try. Let’s have some fun.

Opportunity knocks?

Let’s crack my way into this freaky business!

Somehow I feel the stars start to align just how I want them to, it will still take some time for them (and me) to get there, but we will.
Here are some photographs from a while ago, when I stil lived in the Caribbean. How magical.

free friday 22 free friday 12 free friday 08 free friday 10 free friday 04

I had to downsize the quality of these photo’s unfortunately. Please forgive.


A breath of fresh air

I felt it was time to go out and explore today. I live in Montpellier for oficially six weeks now, and I haven’t seen much of the city and it’s surroundings yet. There is this beach about twenty minutes driving from my new home.. It is called Carnon Plage. Even when it’s grey outside and the cold wind is blowing the sand in the air this is still a beautiful place to walk around breathing in some fresh Mediterranean air. I had already been there once but didn’t bring my camera, so I took some pictures with my iPhone and started to thinking about going back there to take some real photographs. Here they are.

fence sign


the net

free wifi
collage blur


Let me know what you think!