Hey you dear followers, I wanted to keep you up to date on some changes I am making on the blog. Changes I hope will be improvements and will help me to gain more followers.


In the next couple of weeks or even months the blog may change it’s looks a little. I am trying to self-host my blog, and this might have it’s effects on the blog-design.


To reach a bigger audience I will change the domain of my blog. Something snappier and easier to remember. I am going to try to keep the domain existent and will ease you into all the changes so you will not be lost.


I will try my best to make this changes as smooth as possible and hope there aren’t going to be any problems within the website. If you notice any errors (like links to other content that don’t function anymore) please let me know.

Thank you so much for understanding and for all your support in the last couple of months, let’s dream big!


My Canon Pixma printer!

printer 08

For a while now I have been wanting to buy a photo printer. I wasn’t sure if I should do it or not because of my urge to travel and move around.. This is not an object that could easily fit in my suitcase or cabin luggage!
But now I live in this big apartment with no photo’s on it’s white walls and with my boyfriend we are really trying to stay put a little longer this time. (But who knows how long we can take the routine?) Anyway.. I decided it is now or never, so I took the plunge. With a small windfall profit thanks to a dear friend I went to the store and bought this baby.

printer 07 The quality of the images I like very much but I am a bit worried about the speed the ink is dissappearing from the cartridges and I have been having some trouble with launching the printing progress.. Does anyone has problems with the Pixma MG7150? Sometimes it makes a lot of noise as if it were very busy but nothing comes out or maybe five minutes later.

printer 06 Feeling so excited about this new purchase but now I am wondering if I should take it back and trade it for an other one. Can anyone help me with this problem?

O gosh.. Didn’t want to put such a negative twist to this post. Long live home photo printing!!





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